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  Classes for Students & Teachers

A Micro Experience into the Fundamentals of Reading
Elizabeth Scamahorn, M.Ed.

Dates: Tuesday, 6/10/2019 through 7/18/2019

2.5 hour sessions, times
determined from assessment*

Location: Island School - Lihue, HI
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Structured Literacy!
Instructor Training
Education Vacation
All Year Long
Design your time
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Year-Round classes for Kids!
A place to practice literacy skills, keep your own progress folder and chart your growth toward full literacy skills. Feel good about yourself and prove... I AM A GREAT LEARNER!

For Parents
Join your child/student during sessions or come to a parent class to help you be the Best Possible Homework Caregiver. Parent classes designed for small groups with hands on support!

Weekly Clinic - 2:00 - 4:00pm Wednesday
Monthly meetings
Daily personalized times
EDUCATION VACATION! Visitors can design sessions throughout the year to fit personal needs.

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