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Teacher Training

All year long
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Located at Island School, Lihue, Kauai
Come and join us and have an EDUCATION VACATION on Kauai!

The three or five-day structured literacy training will cover:
  • Classroom instruction
  • Classroom management
  • Current Research
  • Placement test and Progress Monitoring
  • Phonemic awaremess, phoneme-grapheme correspondence, decoding, and encoding
  • Fluency, accuracy, and comprehension
  • Spelling rules, syllabication, and morphology
  • Masterpiece sentences
  • Narrative and Expository reading in text (including poetry and drama)
  • Grammar and usage in composition
  • Vocabulary development
  • Narrative and expository writing
  • 80% Mastery on Criterion-referenced assessments
  • Individual Educations (IEPs) and 504 plans

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Summer Literacy Clinic

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NEW for 2015
Aloha To All my Literacy Colleagues, For over 28 years The Jeannie Warburton Memorial Literacy Clinic, a tribute to a committed literacy educator whose life ended too early, has conducted summer clinics for students in grades 3-6. In the past, clinics focused on basic literacy and study skills. This year the 2015 clinic hopes to focus on more diverse multisensory approaches in short and long workshops, rather than the formal daily classes of past years. All of you have unique perspectives and skills that would fit beautifully into a new format giving flexibility to teach, coach, and support students, teachers, and parents. Stimulating and thought provoking topics might include:
  • Understanding the science of literacy
  • Learning new Games and Activities to enhance skills
  • Supporting teachers in the Classroom
  • Empowering parents to support student work
  • Learning and practicing Literacy skills such as morphology, sound-to-text, comprehension, or encoding and decoding skills
  • Improving oral and written language
The Jeannie Warburton Memorial Summer Literacy Clinic will begin on June 22 and go until July 16 on the campus of Island School, on Kauai, Hawaii. Over the four week clinic, we have 60-70 hours of instruction time to present individual, small, and large group instruction designed to meet each participant’s needs. Please let me know your ideas and your level of participation. If an Education Vacation on the Island of Kauai sounds enticing to you, I can put you in touch with The Parrish Collection, a quality resort organization to help with rental accommodations. Please email me at
About The Instructors
Both instructors for this Education Vacation summer course have Master’s Degrees in Education and Curriculum. Elizabeth Scamahorn is a private consultant specializing in literacy. In addition to being a trainer for LANGUAGE!, she is also Orton Gillingham, Slingerland and ‘Schools Attuned’ trained. Ms. Scamahorn trains teachers in Hawaii and across the United States. Elizabeth is a member and present board member of the Hawaii International Dyslexia Association. Along with her private practice, Ms. Scamahorn teaches at Island School and is a fulltime resident of Kauai.

Cory Balsom is a Literacy Consultant and teacher. She has taught students at the junior high, high school and college level for twenty five years. She has taught school in Sacramento, San Diego and the San Joaquin Valley of California. Cory is Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) trained and has worked with many English language teachers. In Central California she was on staff in a high school district of fifteen schools as the Literacy Coordinator. As a Literacy Consultant, Cory has worked with teachers and administrators in Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Arizona and California. Cory holds BA degrees in Journalism and Theatre Arts and has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She has training in LIPs, Visualizing and Verbalizing, as well as Seeing Stars all from Lindamood-Bell. She is a trainer for Sopris West/Cambium Publishers. Summertime finds her in her favorite place - Hawaii, teaching teachers.

Program Details
This literacy training course is available on Kauai every summer and requested dates are available for small groups throughout the year. Using the scientific research based curriculum LANGUAGE! by Dr. Jane Fell Green for instruction to elementary, middle and high school teachers from around the nation is scheduled for Kaua’i. The LANGUAGE! Curriculum involves the foundations of reading, writing, thinking, speaking and listening with the intellectual nature of the students.

Teachers are given instruction in the multiple steps from sounds to text reading and expository writing. All of the elements of linguistics (phonemic awareness and phonics, word recognition and spelling, vocabulary and morphology, grammar and usage, listening and reading comprehension) are taught independently and concurrently. Information in the course comes from linguistics, fluency research, current brain studies, comprehension studies, and strong spelling practices. It is supported by such notables as Dr. Susana Dutro, Ron Yoshimoto, M.S.W. M.Ed., Drs. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz and Dr. Louisa Moats.

  • The course provides assistance for teachers dealing with differentiation of instruction for diverse populations of students such as the English language learner, special needs/special education child and curriculum casualty students who are two or more years below their current grade level in literacy.
  • Teachers receive knowledge and training in the structure and function of the English language in order to enhance teacher’s literacy effectiveness in the classroom.
  • When attendees attend the entire 5 day class, three semester units can be awarded through the University of Colorado
  • LANGUAGE! is currently a perfect solution for the third tier RTI (Response to Intervention).
LANGUAGE! is presently taught in 44 states with repeated evidence of success and when taught with consistency is raising school site and district scores.

  • Educators can agree that their success depends on continued professional growth. The climate in our schools surrounding literacy and the ever-increasing challenges we face with today’s youth require new strategies, excellent training, and access to a proven curriculum presented by instructors who can provide clear direction.

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